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FUT 15 Crazy Things

The most-loved mode in FIFA is mind-blowing, but mind-blowing can still mean headaches. Although FUT 15 is the most popular game of 2014 which attracts a large number of players all the world. But it still have something make players crazy. Today we will list the top 10 crazy things and give you the best solutions.

Q. There's not enough cash
A. Wealth doesn't come easy, and after all, it's coins that matter in a mode that's basically a footballing stock market, complete with wages to foot. Thankfully EA is addressing dodgy dealing loopholes and bots that have plagued Ultimate Team and made it just downright unfair, but there should be more bonuses for exceptional play and individual skill, instead of having to look online for convoluted ways to hustle another small handful of FIFA coins. That said, it's nice to be able to be able to plan future dream teams with the new Concept Squad feature.

Q. It's not often pretty football
A. Games often play out with high balls being lofted from one end to the other and mad scrambles, with the goalkeeper either making wonder saves or being rounded three times with four minutes to go. Long shots are really difficult to pull off unless you've got the most expensive players, tackling is harder so fast strikers simply speed through your defence and penalties come thick and fast (We've explored these issues in more depth before). It all gets a bit tiring and it's sometimes hard to know if you've spent your money well when the gameplay can feel so random.

Q. Packs are rubbish
A. Yeah, yeah, it's a bit of thrill to open a pack and hope for the best, but just as when you were a kid, all you'll usually get is disappointment (when opening the pack, not just with childhood life in general). Okay, yes, you'll get great players eventually, but you'll have to part with a lot of dough. You're better off in the transfer market building a team packed with affordable players with high chemistry (rather than having one or two big stars), but then that's all such a headache. Okay, we'll try just one more pa… OH NOT YOU AGAIN!

Q. It's too rigid
A. You are free to build your ultimate team, so why can't you get them to play where you like? Aren't you meant to be the boss? I mean, it's us who's paid for these players (and the game), so you should be able to mix positions and formations up a bit more. Custom tactics are also a fiddly, administrative mess that takes up a lot of time, especially when you have to set everything up repeatedly from game to game.

Q. It's not emotional enough
A. Yes, the players have got a fresh lick of emotion on the pitch, but it's quite a sterile environment for actually creating a team; more like a science lesson followed by double maths than the attachment you get from watching a real team develop. Fine, it isn't real life, it's a market trading simulation game, but it would be good if players interacted and built chemistry in more human ways, rather than earning loyalty in a cold, stat-based fashion. Basically, we want more reports of hugs and player strops. And we want a virtual Wenger-style Puffa coat while we deal with it.

Q. Missing legends
A. Sure, he only cost £1.2 million when Sir Alex bought him way back in 1992 (and he kung-fu kicked a fan) but Eric Cantona's name is still sung at Old Trafford week in week out to this day, so how come EA can't remember him? Also, while we're at Man Utd, where's George Best? Yet Robbie Fowler gets the nod… Someone at EA's obviously a fan of awful punditry and extremely gelled hair.

Q. It's really hard for casual players
A. FUT is not something you can dip your toe into. Some will never quite understand it, and even though you’re in the minority it can be frustrating to have a game mode on your £45 purchase that you never really get into. It's especially frustrating when the transfer market still has occasional glitches, you know the sort of thing, like having your gold taken when you didn't even win the bid. Nothing’s perfect and it's incredibly smooth when you consider 13 million transfers are listed per day, but it's very frustrating when you don't feel in control.

Q. It hasn't changed enough
A. Disclaimer: Ultimate Team is incredible. But! But is it all starting to get a bit… repetitive? There's no doubt it's brought joy to the masses and shifted more copies of the franchise for EA than all the other modes combined, but, with the exception of loan players and Concept Squads, it's all pretty much the same as last year, just with slightly worse gameplay. In FIFA 16/17 it would be great to see a complete overhaul, maybe a completely new optional mode with the old FUT still in place, before someone else offers one instead.

Q. It's very expensive
A. Aside from the cost involved within the virtual world of Ultimate Team, and the cost if you actually spend your real money, it's a dent in the wallet to have to buy a new copy of FIFA every year if all you're interested in is FUT, which many are (64 per cent according to EA). A standalone FUT game at half the price would be nice.

Q. Finally, people who won't stop
A. On the other hand, don't you ever sometimes just get Ultimate bloody Team fatigue? When you just want to stick in the disc and load up a quick game of United v City, in whatever stadium, with whatever kit and… shock horror… whatever old line up you're offered? But no, there's always someone wanting to tinker for what seems like hours (because it is hours) before even kicking the ball, by which time you've gone to bed. Sometimes it's good to just play.

TOTY of FUT 15

The TOTY (Team of the Year) of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a group of eleven players which attributes are much improved. The prices ​​of these players often reach the millions of FIFA 15 Coins, which of course has influence on the market value of all other players.

This best team of 2014 is build from the voting of FIFPro, the world wide professional footballers association. The final team will be announced at the FIFA Ballon d’Or in Zurich on Monday January 12, 2015. The 55 nominees to the FIFA FIFPro World XI 2014 were announced on early December.

Spain’s La Liga each have twenty three nominees, followed by England’s Premier League with thirteen and Bundesliga with twelve. These three championships have the most fifa 15 players on the entire 55-men shortlist. Many of these players are currently under contract at Barcelona and Real Madrid. Two other leagues have players in this shortlist: Serie A in Italy and Ligue 1 in France.

Find out who they are:


Claudio Bravo (Chile, FC Barcelona)
Gianluigi Buffon (Italy, Juventus)
Iker Casillas (Spain, Real Madrid)
Thibaut Courtois (Belgium, Chelsea)
Manuel Neuer (Germany, FC Bayern Munich)


David Alaba (Austria, FC Bayern Munich)
Jordi Alba (Spain, FC Barcelona)
Daniel Alves (Brazil, FC Barcelona)
Jerome Boateng (Germany, FC Bayern Munich)
Daniel Carvajal (Spain, Real Madrid)
David Luiz (Brazil, Paris Saint-Germain)
Filipe Luis (Brazil, Chelsea)
Diego Godin (Uruguay, Atletico Madrid)
Mats Hummels (Germany, Borussia Dortmund)
Branislav Ivanovic (Serbia, Chelsea)
Vincent Kompany (Belgium, Manchester City)
Philipp Lahm (Germany, FC Bayern Munich)
Marcelo (Brazil, Real Madrid)
Javier Mascherano (Argentina, FC Barcelona)
Pepe (Portugal, Real Madrid)
Gerard Pique (Spain, FC Barcelona)
Sergio Ramos (Spain, Real Madrid)
Thiago Silva (Brazil, Paris Saint-Germain)
Raphael Varane (France, Real Madrid)
Pablo Zabaleta (Argentina, Manchester City)


Xabi Alonso (Spain, FIFA FC Bayern Munich)
Ángel Di Maria (Argentina, Manchester United FC)
Cesc Fabregas (Spain, Chelsea FC)
Eden Hazard (Belgium, Chelsea FC)
Xavi Hernandez (Spain, FC Barcelona)
Andres Iniesta (Spain, FC Barcelona)
Toni Kroos (Germany, Real Madrid CF)
Luka Modric (Croatia, Real Madrid CF)
Mesut Ozil (Germany, Arsenal FC)
Andrea Pirlo (Italy, Juventus)
Paul Pogba (France, Juventus)
James Rodriguez (Colombia, Real Madrid CF)
Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany, FC Bayern Münich)
Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast, Manchester City FC)
Arturo Vidal (Chile, Juventus)


Sergio Aguero (Argentina, Manchester City FC)
Gareth Bale (Wales, Real Madrid CF)
Karim Benzema (France, Real Madrid CF)
Diego Costa (Spain, Chelsea FC)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid CF)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden, Paris Saint-Germain FC)
Robert Lewandowski (Poland, FC Bayern Munich)
Lionel Messi (Argentina, FC Barcelona)
Thomas Muller (Germany, FC Bayern Munich)
Neymar (Brazil, FC Barcelona)
Marco Reus (Germany, Borussia Dortmund)
Franck Ribery (France, FC Bayern Munich)
Arjen Robben (The Netherlands, FC Bayern Munich)
Wayne Rooney (England, Manchester United FC)
Luis Suarez (Uruguay, FC Barcelona)

From these 55 players, will be chosen 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 forwards to the 4-3-3 TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. It is only made a distinction between the four lines, not between each position. For example, instead of having full backs, this team can have four centre backs.

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FUT Tax Tips

In order to control the rapid rate at which some huge Ultimate Team traders seem to accumulate coins, EA has implemented a tax structure in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Some players suspect that it's just another way to stimulate more pack sales. 5% isn't a lot, but if they can cut 5% of trader profits, it may cause more pack sales. You probably won't really even notice the taxes, but it is important to be aware of Ultimate Team taxes for when you are involved in more significant trading numbers.

EA takes 5% for any player-to-player trade. This includes cards of any kind, just anything you're selling or buying on the trade market. The taxes are deducted from the final sale price that is given to the seller. Theoretically, the seller gets taxed.

This can also be slightly important to know for when you'll be dealing with a lot of lower priced players and selling them fast. A lot of people like to buy players only worth a few hundred coins and mark them up 100 FIFA 15 coins or so for a decent profit. They make money because they do this in high volume. When you're dealing with such small profit margins and original values, it may be worth considering the 5% tax on trades, as you may come out on top for doing a Quick-Sell instead, which is NOT taxed in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

How to Fix FIFA 15 Known Bugs Glitches

Electronic Arts has released the third FIFA 15 patch update across all platforms – Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PC. The title update includes new content such as players and kits, and addresses numerous bugs and glitches, including improvements for cameras and tweaks that should improve overall stability for gaming.

This is a much awaited release for frustrated FIFA gamers, including myself. There has been numerous complaints regarding lagging, FIFA 15 Coins and gameplay glitches. Despite these and many other problems, FIFA remains the number one sports game in the world.

EA Release FIFA 15 Patch Update: Bug Fixes, Glitches and New Content

Meanwhile, “FIFA 15: Holiday Edition” is now available FIFA 15 Coins Xbox One in digital form. The holiday edition features the full game, EA Sports Football Club items, 2200 FIFA points, and Lionel Messi loan player for five games. The game costs $60 and will be available until Jan. 19, 2015. EA Games has not confirmed yet whether it will also release the version in Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

Below are the full patch updates addressing glitches, bug fixes and added content, courtesy of EA:

Be sure to scroll down for details about a FIFA 15 patch for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of the game.

New Content & Features

New authentic player faces for promoted Barclays Premier League teams Leicester City, Burnley, and Queens Park Rangers.
Added players, kits, and badges for the two new MLS expansion teams Orlando City and New York City FC to FIFA Ultimate Team
Updated FIFA Ultimate Team player item portraits for 18 high-profile players
Added ability to assign Player Instructions via the squad screen in FIFA Ultimate Team

Problems Addressed

Gameplay improvements to defensive positioning and lob through balls
Improvements to kit clashing logic in Pro Clubs and Seasons
Improvements to cameras in multiple licensed stadiums
Improvements to “Looking Ahead” audio and overlays in Career Mode
Improvements in Team Management functionality in multiplayer matches
General stability fixes in Career Mode
Ability to Player Lock in Player Career with multiple controllers in use
Fix to online user population counts in Pro Clubs and Seasons menus
Fix for issues with FIFA 15 player names on certain kits in the BPL
Fix for audio storylines in in Match Day Live games
Fixed an issue where transferring progress across console generations could cause FUT Season progress to be tracked incorrectly.
Addressed FUT player item portraits that show a white background in FUT
Fixed an issue that would cause the Team of the Week preview to be displayed incorrectly.
Compare Price in the FUT Transfer Market now works for players who were transferred close to the transfer deadline.
Using the “Compare Price” feature on in-form Players Items now compares the item with other in-form versions instead of the normal version.

Xbox 360/PS3

Added Content

New authentic player faces for promoted Barclays Premier League teams Leicester City, Burnley, and Queens Park Rangers.
Added players, kits, and badges for the two new MLS expansion teams Orlando City and New York City FC to FIFA Ultimate Team
Updated FIFA Ultimate Team player item portraits for 18 high-profile players

Problems addressed

Gameplay improvements to defensive positioning and lob through balls
Improvements to kit clashing logic in FIFA 15 Pro Clubs and Seasons
Stability improvements to Career Mode and Co-op Seasons
Improvements to cameras in multiple licensed stadiums
Game Face stability fixes in Career Mode
Fixed an issue where transferring progress across console generations could cause FUT Seasons progress to be tracked incorrectly.
Compare Price in the FUT Transfer Market now works for players who were transferred close to the transfer deadline.
Using the “Compare Price” feature on in-form Players Items now compares the item with other in-form versions instead of the normal version.
Stability improvements when receiving invites for FUT Friendly Seasons.
Stability improvements at the end of FUT Single Player Seasons matches
Fixed undefined text on EASFC notifications for FUT Single Player Season promotions.
Fixed an issue that would cause the Team of the Week preview to be displayed incorrectly.

FIFA 15 App Connection Problems

As you see, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app for Android and iOS become massively popular all around the world, but some fans are getting pretty fed up with EA because of continuing issues with it. Many users are reporting FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app connection problems, and we're calling for an urgent update to resolve these difficulties.

We know that many of our readers are fans of this app, but issues are ongoing for some. At the beginning of the month we discussed the increasing frustration of some Ultimate Team app users, with plenty of people complaining of server issues on the app descriptions, on social media, and on forums. In response to this article we received many comments and emails from readers, with some demanding a fix.

The last update for both platforms was on October 17, bringing the app to version 1.1.2, and it's pretty easy to see that EA should have realized some fixes were required judging by the user reviews on Google Play and the App Store. For example on the App Store one user comments, "EA servers are a massive problem as half the time you get messages saying you cannot get in and if you keep trying you get our servers are down "whilst we are making things better" really this is a load of rubbish and ea should be much more efficient in making the app able to work. Ea have shown other problems in games like real racing 3 which is also let down by its makers."

On Google Play another user writes, "Is it on purpose I'm starting to hate this game ! Whenever I lose the connection has no problems but whenever I win it disconnected ! Seriously?" Another commenter says, "Stuck at connecting to server What is that I'm unable to play since this last update," and yet another comments, "Facebook account does not work on FIFA15UT I can't enter my facebook to play and when I login it kept on saying FIFA15UT has crashed. I hope u will repair this asap and I reinstall it 15 times and does not work."

These are not isolated incidents either, as there are plenty more examples, with people discussing crashing issues, not receiving FIFA 15 coins, and tournament glitches amongst others. We are also still receiving comments from our readers on a daily basis. For instance one said earlier today, "Can't get past the home screen—connecting to server forever."

Another commented, "I can't claim rewards before it says: FIFA servers are temporarily down. Also, it keeps crashing a lot and sometimes when I make bids for players and I win, I lose my money but the player disappears from my club just before I swap him in. Very disappointed. Please fix." Meanwhile a further Ultimate Team app user said simply, "Game disconnects from ultimate team! Fix it God dammit."

For the sake of impartiality we have to say that other users seem to be happy enough with the game, and the app is still managing to achieve high ratings. Just imagine what the ratings might be EA, if these problems were addressed!

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7 Reasons to Play FIFA World


If you haven't joined the FIFA World, here are seven reasons why we think you should download and get on the pitch today:

1. Build Your Own Club
FIFA World Ultimate Team is the closest thing to owning your own football club. Play to earn virtual coins and build your squad from the ground up. You call the shots on who gets to stay and who gets transferred. Choose your favourite club and we’ll start you off with one of their players in your starter squad!

2. Real Players, Real Club, Real Leagues
FIFA World is authentic, with more than 12,000 real players, over 600 real clubs and 33 leagues.

3. Playable Generations
Create squads featuring multiple generations as you keep your players while the game advances from season to season. New versions of players are released every year and depending on their performance their ratings may increase, decrease or stay the same. Eden Hazard from Season 2014 or Eden Hazard from Season 2015, you decide which one better fits your squad!

4. Accomplis Hments
Only available in FIFA World, this feature rewards players for completing tasks based on scenarios from the real world of football! For example, if Leo Messi scores a header on the weekend you may be challenged to do the same in the game and earn great rewards. New Accomplishments are added every week so there is always something new to do.

5. Regular Updates
FIFA World is always getting better! You install the game once and then just download free updates. Major releases can contain new modes, new features and in Release 9.0, a whole new gameplay engine! How do we decide what to add? You tell us! Send us your feedback on Facebook, Twitter and the forums.

6. Play On Almost any PC
You don't need a high-powered gaming PC to play FIFA World! Play at work, at home, at school – all you need is an average spec desktop or laptop PC and a broadband internet connection.

7. It's Free!
FIFA World is available as a FREE download. Join the millions playing EA SPORTS FIFA World and feed your passion for football!